• IAA Flight Test

IAA Flight Test

Before the IAA Flight Test can start you will need to fill out your Operations Manual (OP's Manual) in full. This OP's Manual needs to be emailed to us a week before your Flight Test Exam. One of our examiners will read the OP's Manual in full and contact you if he/she feels that some changes are needed. Once the Examiner is happy with the OP's Manual a date for Day 3 can be arranged.

Day 3 is for your Flight Test but it is normaly carried out a week or two after the Ground School Training at a time that suits both you and us. The Flight Test is not as bad as some people make out. We will arrange to meet you at an agreeded location in Class G Airspace in a wide open safe area. We have a private location in Mornington, Co.Meath if you dont have one where all testing can be carried out. During the Flight Test the examiner will ask you to carry out some of the flight plans you have outlined in the OP's Manual. He/She will ask some questions about emergincy procedures and ask you to carry them out. Once the examiner is happy with you ability to fly a drone in a safe and secure manner with in the rules he/she will sign you off.

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IAA Flight Test

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